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About this site

This site has been created to raise awareness of the natural pig farming system of raising pigs to those seeking a more pig friendly way of raising pigs. The website content offers a compelling, high welfare system of pig raising alternative to the inhumane, discredited intensive factory farm system. Whilst free range in its ideal form is best, the real world realities suggest that for the foreseeable future it will remain a small niche method of raising pigs. This means that unless challenged with a better system of profitably raising pork within a higher welfare system sympathetic to the physiological, behavioral and physical needs of pigs, the morally and ethically unacceptable face of intensive factory farming system of raising pork will remain. So too will the anti-pig welfare concrete / slat pen adopted by most small scale pig farmers. For the sake of the billions of pigs raised each year worldwide, and our own humanity and souls, this cannot be allowed to happen. I firmly believe that the natural pig farming philosophy, based on age old wisdom and knowledge, offers the hope of redemption and a better future for all pigs raised for pork. This site has therefore been designed to promote the third way, the better way, the natural way of raising pigs. Its aimed at:

  • To individuals thinking of starting to raise pigs.
  • To individuals currently raising pigs but wishing to enhance their health and welfare.
  • To the major agri-industrial organisations who have are now the major perpetrators and promoters of the factory farm system and who are in deep denial that there is an do-able, alternative, low cost, higher pig welfare option available to them.
  • To government agencies in charge of determining national policy and laws relating to the conditions we keep our farm animals, and the politicians, whose ignorance, naivety, and lack of moral vision, continue to hold back improvement of farm animal welfare.
  • To farm animal welfare campaign groups who need to be aware of this do-able, higher welfare alternative to existing more widely known systems of pork raising.
  • To the boards of supermarket chains that more than anyone, with their focus on product uniformity, low bargain-basement costs, and lack of moral direction on sourcing, have condemned billions of pigs to the horrors of the factory farming system.
  • To the general consumer, whose wanton head in the sand, what I don't see I won't concern myself with selfishness, has allowed the horror of factory farming to establish itself as virtually the only source of meat. Consequently it is the model that developing countries around the globe follow at the expense of the more traditional, higher welfare systems that exist in those countries.

If this seems like a rather ambitious list of people and groups I wish to influence, it is. And if my aim of helping instigate change seems remote, I readily admit it. But, if we stay silent, nothing changes. It we stay passive, nothing changes. If we stay concerned about farm animal welfare but don?t take action to push for change, nothing happens.

I therefore hope that this site helps promotes an awareness of core pig behavior and welfare needs, illustrates just how easily these needs can be fulfilled simply by making small adjustments to cater and facilitate the fulfillment of those needs, and show that there are easily and practical systems of pig raising that can provide a life worth living for those pigs raised. I also hope that in highlighting the plight of pigs raised in factory farms visitors to this site might be stirred to support those farm animal welfare groups fighting to eliminate the systematic cruelty that is part and parcel of how we as a society choose to raise our livestock today. Please join me in this quest by getting active and vocal to push for change. Become an advocate for higher farm animal welfare.