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Pig husbandry

Good animal husbandry and stockmanship can make a huge difference in ensuring the pigs live happy, healthy and stress-free lives. In natural pig farming there is a direct relationship between the pigs and people caring for them. The frequent contact on a daily basis allows beneficial human-pig relationship to develop that is uplifting for both farmer and pig. Familiarity with our pigs allows us to spot if individual pigs are ill and in need of attention. We are on hand monitoring the progress of a sows pregnancy, helping out with the farrowing, ensuring the newly born piglets air channels are clear and that they can breathe okay, ensuring that all new piglets get good and frequent access to the sows milk during the first 24 hours (so important because the milk provides a vital element of protection against virus protection and illness).

Our pigs enjoy human physical contact. They like to be petted, stroked, spoken to and observed. They enjoy the interactions they have with the farmer and mutually affectionate relationship naturally develops. Natural pig farm operators have no fear stepping inside a pig pen, nor do the pigs in the pen fear the farmer when he enters their enclosure. An implicit trust develops. Both farmer and pig enjoy a special relationship that is mutually rewarding to spirit and soul.

Natural pig farming husbandry is characterised by having:

  • primary concern: welfare of the pigs
  • more personal relationship with the pigs
  • regular and frequent contact with the pigs (both physical and visual)

In short, we watch over our pigs to protect their welfare and enrich their lives. We love our pigs and get pride and fulfillment out of raising them.

Factory farming has forgotten that pigs are sentient beings

Given the sheer size of factory farm operations, the high ratio of pigs to people, and the impersonal way the pigs are cared for (most aspects are automated and pigs are rarely checked) good animal husbandry and stockmanship are alien concepts.

Factory farming is characterised by having :

  • a sole concern: profit

  • animal welfare as a secondary concern
  • no relationship between pig and operators
  • high pig to stockman ration (1000 - 10,000 pigs to 1 person) that makes good stockmanship impossible
  • Often no human - pig contact where the operational system is highly automated

Natural pig farming v factory farming