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Natural growth

Natural Pig farming uses natural ways to achieve good growth

Natural pig farming opposes use of growth hormones to artificially accelerate pig growth and weight gain. We believe

  • Natural growth rates is best
  • That good growth is best achieved through having healthy pigs with healthy appetites
  • Feed with good nutrition will ensure good growth
  • Pig meat is safer without chemical contamination
  • Slower growth gives meat better texture and taste
  • Respect for nature is the better way

Factory farms use of growth hormones

Factory farming is in rush to raise livestock to slaughter weight as soon as possible. Respect for the animal and nature come way down the list of priorities. As a result factory farms routinely feed growth hormones to the pigs to achieve abnormally fast growth rates and fatter pigs. Using drugs and chemicals to achieve abnormal growth is always wrong. Wrong for the pig, wrong for the humans who end up consuming these drugs and chemicals when they consume the meat.

Natural pig farming v factory farming