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Natural pig farming philosophy

Our NPF philosophy makes pig welfare a priority

The natural pig farming I practice and the philosophy I promote on this site goes a step further than that of Cho Han Kyu. Whilst his natural farming philosophy forms the bedrock and inspiration of my natural pig farming system, I have built on that philosophy and practice to explicitly acknowledge and cater for the natural physical, psychological and behavioral needs of pigs. Respecting and meeting those needs is central to every aspect of my pig raising system.

In Cho Han Kyu?s pig farming system the higher pig welfare is an almost accidental consequence of the overall natural farming focus on natural inputs for crop growing. My natural pig farming system in contrast places pig welfare as a conscious, central pillar of its philosophy and practice. Higher pig welfare is core to how we raise our pigs.

My natural pig farming system therefore uses the wisdom of the Cho Han Kyu's natural farming philosophy with the modern sensibilities and concerns of today?s compassionate enlightened pig farmer. It benefits from my natural empathy for animals of all kinds and years of hands-on experience and observation of pigs. It also draws on a wealth of up-to-date knowledge of pig behavioral and welfare needs and the implications these factors have for pig production and practice. This has enabled me to fine tune and develop a pig raising system of farming that truly ensures that pig welfare needs are being fully met and respected whilst meeting the producers need to raise pork within a low cost production system.

The result, as you will see, is the creation of a highly relevant and practical means of profitably raising pigs to meet the burgeoning demand for good quality, toxic-free, higher welfare, tasty, good value pork in today?s pork hungry world.