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Quality of meat

The Natural pig farming system produces meat of superior taste, texture and quality to factory farming. The meat is lean, has a good pink colour and is elastic to touch. Fat is in optimum proportion to the meat and the meat is juicy with a sweet aroma. What's more, it has a healthier fat content than factory farm meat. The combination of fresh greens and powdered feed gives the meat these properties.

It is untainted by anti-biotics, growth hormones and fetid environment factory farm pigs grow up in, and it comes from 100% healthy pigs rather than the sickly pigs struggling to survive in the less hygienic bacteria and virus infected environment of the factory farm.

For good pork you need muscles. This is partly achieved through the fact our pigs have the freedom and space for movement that allows bone and muscle to develop as nature intended. It is also partly through our pigs enjoying a variety of natural food which provides fiber rather than just dry processed powder agri-industrial by products.

In short, Natural pig farming pork quality is better because it comes from healthy animals brought up in healthy environment that eat natural food. It's an absolute joy to eat.

Factory farm pork lacks the taste and quality of 'real' pork

Pork from factory farming has none of the attributes and benefits of pork raised in natural pig farming operations. The meat lacks the taste, flavour, texture, colour or quality of natural pig farming pork. It carries excessive fattiness. It also has worrying levels of toxic chemical residues, from the routine use of hormones to promote growth and the heavy use of anti-biotics aimed to stave off disease. In short, the pork factory farm pigs produce is but a pale reflections of the quality and taste of natural pig farming pork, and indeed, what real pork should taste like.

Natural pig farming v factory farming