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The origins of natural farming

'Farming should nurture life not abuse it' Cho Han Kyu

Natural farming is a philosophy of farming that works with nature and the natural world to raise livestock and crops in a profitable, high animal welfare, low environmental impact way. Natural Farming uses locally sourced natural materials instead of chemicals as its unique inputs. It does not use herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or other artificial chemicals but uses natures powers and natural inputs to maximise performance. The natural pig farming system promoted by this site is one element of a fully rounded natural farming approach to raising animals and crops. It is based on the philosophy and practice of Cho Han Kyu, a farmer from South Korea who over many years developed his natural farming philosophy to provide an alternative to the western inspired, Government promoted, chemical intensive farming systems being adopted by his country after WWII. He thought ?modern? farming practices was damaging to both environment and farmer and sought to develop a method of farming that built on age old wisdom to work in harmony with the natural world.

As a consequence, Cho Han Kyu developed his natural farming system that promotes the use of natural material inputs to nourish the soil and grow crops without the need for expensive and damaging artificial chemicals, fertilizers or herbicides. The raising farm animals in a higher welfare and environmentally friendly way was integral to this core philosophy.

Eastern wisdom that recognises the positive power of nature

'A new farming for living: to save the farmers, to save the consumer, and to save the earth' Cho Han Kyu

Cho Han Kyus' view that farming should nurture life not abuse it and that only through utilizing the resources existing in nature rather than being totally dependent on chemicals could farmers prosper was contrary to government policy. He believed that farmers could neither sustain their living or their health with the conventional farming, agro-economic theories and policies being adopted. As a result, for a time he was treated as an anti government criminal, and faced threats and suppression.

'Natural farming is producing brilliant results' Cho Han Kyu

However slowly but surely his ideas caught on. Today, almost 65 years after Cho Han Kyu first start thinking about natural farming, and forty years after establishing his Natural Farming Center, his environmental friendly form of farming has been openly embraced and adopted in Korea. It is widely admired and is increasingly being taught in other countries.