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Who is Natural Pig Farming for?

Our natural pig farming system is for each and every person or organisation that wishes to raise pigs in a humane, high welfare way. It is suitable for operations of all sizes. It's as ideal for small holders wishing to raise just a few pigs as high volume producers wishing to raise thousands of pigs. The system is applicable to:

  • pig breeding operations
  • grower operations
  • mixed breeding and grower operations

Whether you are a person who just wants to raise two pigs in the backyard, larger smallholder operations or high volume operators wishing to change from the factory farm models they currently use, natural pig farming provides an enlightened model for raising pigs. The system can be used in climates that have hot and cold seasons, and they work well in both low tech and high tech operations.

A note on my pig operation and the visuals I use on this site

I myself choose to breed and raise pigs on a small scale as part of a larger back to nature self sufficiency operation. I have a small holding that includes free range chickens and ducks, fish in ponds, raised vegetable beds, fruit tree growing and rice farming. Where possible all building materials have been sourced locally and are made from low cost, natural materials. The tools and skills used to build our sties and pens are basic and perhaps rudimentary. But they work and it enables us to build and develop property and cheaply and effectively.

My pig operation is small compared to business operations that focus totally on raising pigs but quite large for a mixed farming small holder operation like myself. I have used the natural pig farming system to breed pigs and to raise pigs for meat. Presently my focus is on breeding pigs, although I keep a couple of grower pigs at any one time in the backyard sty to raise for meat. My core stock consists of one boar and six sows, and the most pigs have raised at any one time is under 50. By preference though I keep the numbers I raise low. 

The visuals I use on this website predominantly show my own small operation that is by choice low tech and small scale. However, this system is used in large scale operations in both Korea and elsewhere. Indeed, the original natural farming model recommends 300 breeding sows, but the concept can be applied successfully to even bigger operations.

The key concepts and values of natural pig farming can be applied successfully to all sizes of pig operations.