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Welcome to Natural Pig Farming

- the higher welfare system of raising pigs in pens

'I have seen the future of higher welfare pig raising and it's called natural pig farming.'

Natural pig farming is a high pig welfare, non-environmental polluting system of raising healthy, contented pigs that uses the activity of indigineous micro-organisms (IMO's) in the sty's 'living' deep bed pen flooring to rapidly decompose all pig waste. The pig raising system is designed to enable pigs to carry out core natural behavior within a healthy real world environment even though they are raised in pens.

This site provides information on the natural pig farming philosophy and practice, and highlights the benefits of the systems over the 'modern' welfare- deficient factory farming model of raising pigs.

Natural pig farming

  • Respects the behavioral and welfare needs of pigs
  • Respects the positive power of nature
  • Respects our core human values

The better way to raise pigs

Our natural pig farming system:

  • eradicates pig aggression through respecting the pigs need to live in stable family groups
  • maximises pig contentment by providing a deep bed sty flooring that allows natural rooting, digging and exploratory behavior can take place
  • has low stocking densities that ensure the pigs are healthy, unstressed and uncrowded
  • has pig sties totally devoid of obnoxious smell or odor
  • has no noise pollution; our contented pigs are calm and quiet
  • has healthy pigs that don’t require preventative medicine: no disease
  • respects the pigs hygiene desires by providing ample space to dung away from their chosen living area: no lying in their own feces or urine, no unhealthy living conditions
  • causes no outside pollution: no slurry lagoons or environmental pollution
  • is non-labour intensive: has sties that don’t require daily, weekly or even monthly mucking out
  • produces top quality fertiliser far beyond the slurry and manure most pig farms produce
  • attracts no flies
  • requires no cesspits or slurry lagoons
  • provides exposure to the outside environment, fresh air, and climate
  • produces pigs so healthy that there is no need for any routine vaccination or medical protection
  • raises pigs so content that there is no need to mutilate them: no tail docking, no teeth cutting, because there is no aggression
  • is totally pig friendly: has no need for sow stalls or farrowing crates
  • feeds a cost effective mix of fresh wet and dry feed to provide a nutritious fiber rich diet that eliminates the hunger pigs fed on dry feed only experience

The natural pig farming system costs a fraction of what it costs to set up and raise pigs kept in conventional sties or modern intensive factory systems. We raise healthier and more productive pigs simply through respecting their welfare and behavioral needs and the positive power of nature. This approach delivers significantly higher profit per pig than any conventional intensive pig raising system.

Learn more

Want to learn more? If you are thinking of raising pigs, either in a small scale or large scale way, or are currently raise pigs in a non welfare way and wish to change, please read on to find out just how you, as an individual or business, can benefit from raising your pigs in a high welfare, low polluting way. Don’t be a pig abuser. Raise pigs the better way using the natural pig farming philosophy and systems!

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